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KTECH and Local Automaker Partner for Workforce Training

KTECH is expanding its workforce training footprint to train workers at one of north Alabama’s leading automotive manufacturers, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Alabama, INC. (TMMAL).

Launched in 2016, KTECH is a proven workforce training model. Its hands-on, interactive curriculum equips students with high-demand industry recognized certifications. In the 4 years since its inception, KTECH graduates have earned 134 certifications and are employed at more than 20 local companies.

“Our graduates work! They have the skills companies are looking for,” says Dorothy Havens, KTECH Workforce Development Director. “Our biggest challenge is filling the number of advanced manufacturing jobs in our community. Connecting with the current workforce so our students have instant industry access is a win for everyone.”

TMMAL took notice of KTECH’s superior caliber of students during a tour of the classrooms and labs. Company leaders recognized an opportunity to support their team with continued training and address the rising need to incorporate technology into their plant.

In February, TMMAL approached KTECH with a request for customized training. In August, KTECH trained the first TMMAL team members.

“We quickly recognized an opportunity to support our training needs,” said Joe Steder, TMMAL Maintenance & Facilities Manager. “KTECH developed customized courses that our skilled maintenance technicians can take locally, which provides tremendous benefits to our team.”

Customized courses, without having to travel, offer immediate benefit for the TMMAL team.

“The objective of the class is to introduce, familiarize, and build skillsets for using cobot and vision tools,” says Keith Laney, TMMAL Skilled Maintenance Group Leader. “The top down training approach reflects how technicians actually perform on the job, making it very effective.”

Innovation is a key component to the advanced manufacturing industry, and it is exactly what KTECH offers whether through in-career training or education.

“The ability to train industry has been part of KTECH’s strategic plan from the beginning,” says Lee Marshall, Kids to Love CEO and KTECH creator. “Adding this component positions KTECH to expand our student base beyond those pursuing education alone and include students who have careers but want to hone their expertise.”

KTECH, based in Madison, Alabama is a workforce training initiative of the Kids to Love Foundation.

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