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The term “Mechatronics” 

It was first coined in Japan in 1969 to refer to the blending of Mechanical and Electronics systems together as a whole but continues to expand to other fields of engineering science including but not limited to computer, telecommunications, systems, fluid power, and control engineering. An obvious example of mechatronics systems technology in use are transportation vehicles such as automobiles, aircraft, watercraft, and spacecraft which utilize the advances in sensors, microprocessor, and advanced controls for faster and more precise performance. Nuclear power and advanced manufacturing plants are other excellent examples that utilize mechatronic systems technology to accomplish highly sophisticated and precise operations. Another buzzword used synonymously for mechatronics is “electromechanical engineering.” 

Life Lab

Exclusive to Mechatronic students, Life Lab is embedded in the program training experience and includes lecture, discussions, hands-on application, projects and cooperative learning in these four areas.


This series will build on the foundation of the 7 Habits of highly effective people utilizing the habits to build independence, interdependence, and Sharpening the Saw.  Students will learn teamwork, healthy living and implement physical fitness into daily life.


This series will utilize the Strengths Builder Profile to enable students to uncover their strengths.  Once discovered, students will develop ways to present themselves through their resumes, public speaking and interview skills, along with manners, professional etiquette and attire. 


This series promotes the application of the

fundamental knowledge to financial security

including building emergency funds and budgeting and emotional well-being including a purpose driven life.


This series will introduce students to others in the community speaking on integrity in action and success displayed in the workforce and their personal lives. 

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