KTECH is launching Virtual Reality, preparing our students to meet burgeoning industry demand. The use of VR computer technology to create a 3D simulated environment will propel KTECH into a new era of digitization! Our VR offerings allow KTECH students to embark on a new path in a matter of months, and our industry relationships will serve as a pipeline to companies in a variety of sectors. 


VR headsets place students inside a real-world experience offering immersive learning environments, with face to face interactions using realistic avatars. This cutting-edge technology is utilized throughout KTECH, and helps our students pursue self-guided discovery in a multitude of areas: 


  • Mechatronics: Hands-on skills development 

  • Career Exploration: Find your passion, in person. 

  • Student Recruitment: We can come to you!

  • Industry Partnerships: Explore our STEAM facilities, virtually.

  • VR Certification: Coming in 2021


Adapting and expanding our digital offerings at KTECH will allow us to grow in a “post-COVID” world, preparing the workforce of the future. To learn more about what we are DOING and where we are GOING, apply today! 


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Madison, Alabama 35758




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