We lost a legend.. but oh what a legacy.

Updated: May 13, 2021

Dr. Dorothy Davidson left us….quietly…surrounded by family,…just like she wanted…

She lived her life as a trail blazer, “the first woman to”… was attached to many of her roles. For those of us who knew her… she’d share the stories and we would always garner knowledge and gain an understanding of just what a pioneer she was… in business and in philanthropy.

You can’t live in Huntsville and not know Dorothy Davidson.

I remember the first time I asked her to believe in one of our visions was April 2015. I met with her and shared the vision of KTECH. She read the proposal, listened to the plan and said “Ok!” That began a level of friendship and mentorship with Mrs. D that I value greatly.

Later that year, we had the opportunity to purchase the land and the house that now bears her name Davidson Farms. Over lunch…. “How much will it cost?” she asked, I answer, she says… “let’s go get the farm”. We closed in October 2015 and she immediately wanted to come and tour the house herself.

She was so proud to be able to provide a home for girls who otherwise wouldn’t have one. We talked frequently as we renovated the house, and discussed the culture we would create at Davidson Farms.

4 years ago this month we held a prayer walk and ribbon cutting at the farm. She surprised me with a sign naming the main house after me. She saw the vision of how the land would grow well past the main house to serve so many young ladies for generations to come.