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Regions Bank Highlights KTECH Success

"Doing More Today" article highlights how, working together, KTECH and Regions Bank "creates opportunity for professional success."



"Ayah McCants dreams of being an engineer. Living in Huntsville, Alabama, a city defined by research, technology, space exploration, and automotive manufacturing, she probably won’t have to go far to achieve that dream. That’s not only because of the area’s major employers. It’s because McCants is uniquely qualified, thanks to specialized training she received from KTECH. KTECH is part of Lee Marshall’s Kids to Love nonprofit. Launched in 2016 to provide workforce training to help foster care students as they move out of the system, KTECH has expanded its reach – serving veterans, homeless adults and others – all with the goal of training people for, and connecting them with, a brighter future."

(CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article or click the graphic below)

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