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KTECH students learn the basics of robotics

KTECH Class 16 has moved into learning a new set of skills that will give them an advantage when it comes to finding jobs in an industry looking for people with specialized training.

Students have begun the KTECH Robotics certification program, which is a 48-hour course that will teach them the basics of programming industrial-grade robots that are used in a wide variety of businesses.

During the class, students will learn how to program robots. By the end, they will have Yaskawa Academy credentials in FS100 operation and FS100 Basic Programming with Material Handling.

Part of their coursework will be to take on a task of their choice and program a robot to handle the task, which could be moving an object through a series of obstacles, for example.

“It’s a fun class,” said KTECH Lead Instructor Chris Dow. “They get to see the fruits of their struggles quickly, and they get to exercise a little creativity as well.”

KTECH’s industrial robotics program gives students the knowledge to program robots that are used everywhere from warehouses to major automakers like Mazda Toyota Manufacturing.

KTECH student Cris Hernandez came to KTECH to start his career; he has a long-term goal of getting an engineering degree. He said he has enjoyed how hands-on the program is, learning how the robots move and the different tasks they’re capable of. For his final robotics project, he’s considering teaching a robot how to stack blocks in a specific pattern.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Hernandez said.

Since 2016, KTECH has produced 253 certifications in Mechatronics, Robotics, Solid Edge, and Soldering with a 100 percent graduation rate. The KTECH Virtual Reality Academy will open to the public in the fall of 2022. For more details about joining KTECH’s next class visit

KTECH is a workforce training initiative of the Kids to Love Foundation.

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