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KTECH Impact Recognized by Huntsville Business Journal

KTECH, a workforce training initiative of Kids to Love, is featured on the front cover of the Huntsville Business Journal. The July issue looks at the impact KTECH is making on the lives of foster children and the advanced manufacturing industry.


"KTECH has an articulation agreement, that is, their college level classes qualify as transferable college credits if a student wants to transfer to Calhoun Community College, Wallace State, or Motlow. Calhoun and Wallace State give 12 of the 16 hours credit, but Motlow gives the full 16 because the program is patterned after it.“
We want kids to have an easy transition into a job after we certify them, so we set up the labs just like they will be at a job, in fact, the robotic lab is exactly like the new labs at the new Mazda Toyota plant,” Marshall said. “Students can go straight to work making $30,000 a year."

(CLICK HERE to read the entire article or click the graphic below)

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