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KTECH Class 20 graduates with two top students

KTECH held its graduation ceremony Wednesday for the seven Mechatronics students in Class 20 and four KTECH VR students.

Alejandro Delgado, Michael Dowdy, Chase Hester, Bo Hoover, Shannon Morton, Sarah McCaulley, and Ray Pike all received their Mechatronics certifications at the graduation luncheon, which was held at the Jackson Center in Huntsville.

This semester's James Palmer Lindberg Jr. Trajectory Award was given to two students who tied for the highest GPA in the class. Michael Dowdy and Chase Hester both received the award and were awarded two-year scholarships to Calhoun Community College by President Jimmy Hodges.

KTECH students Benjamin Morgan, Casey Gongon, Matthew Lukas, and Toni Randell also received VR certifications.

The guest speaker at Wednesday's graduation was Motlow Community College President Dr. Michael Torrence.

Three Mechatronics students already had jobs lined up prior to graduation. Chase Hester and Shannon Morton will work at Element Materials Technology, and Bo Hoover will work at Mazda Toyota Manufacturing and attend Calhoun Community College as part of the FAME program.

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