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KTECH Alumni Signs with Toyota!


Kayla Ledbetter, KTECH Class 13 alumni, signed with Toyota Thursday.

Larry Deutscher, General Manager of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama was on hand to welcome Kayla to the team.

“We’re here today to actually celebrate Kayla’s graduation and joining the team Toyota, becoming a technical person at Toyota and the skilled maintenance program, and we’re just really excited about the opportunity for Kayla and we’re really wishing the best for her," Deutscher said.

Kayla says KTECH helped pave the way.

"Almost everything I’ve been through here at KTECH has helped me throughout this process just in general," Kayla said. "I feel like with the hands-on training I was prepared. Tthey brought a lot of things that I learned here and I could do it in front of them to the best of my ability so I felt like I was prepared for that.”

KTECH provided the training, but Kayla brought the drive. She graduated top of her KTECH class, and knew from day one she wanted to work for Toyota. Today was the culmination of what can happen when hard work meets opportunity.

While KTECH has been working with Toyota for several years, it was the first time Deutscher was able see the training program first hand.

"Really impressed, really impressed," Deutscher said. "A lot of thought has gone into this, a lot of study to be able to put together a program to teach people. You have to know even more about it than anyone else and you can tell by the systems and the things you have in place that you’re here to help people and you’re here to get them ready for the workforce so it’s great to see.”

Helping people, helping the workforce.

“I just appreciate everybody here at KTECH and their activity, what they’re doing for the community for people like Kayla to have a brighter future speaks a lot about KTECH and it’s definitely along the minds that Toyota has along the lines of giving back to the community. I can see that here at KTECH as well.” Deutscher said.

KTECH: Changing lives, one skill at a time.

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