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KTECH adds Snap-on tool certifications to school curriculum

KTECH is excited to announce new Snap-on industrial certifications for students, a move that further broadens the school’s mission to deliver essential job skills employers are looking for.

KTECH Mechatronics students will be able to earn 5 new certifications, beginning with KTECH’s fall class that’s currently underway.

Snap-on makes premium hand and power tools used by professionals who need the best quality tools to perform work where second best is not an option. In addition to learning new skills, training and certification in Snap-on products can help students stand out at hiring time.

The training is made possible in part by a generous $51,000 gift from Torch Technologies.

“We are excited to be providing the seeds to develop a training program that will provide the path to good jobs that will lift up the people who complete the program and our communities where they live,” said Bill Roark, Torch Technologies CEO.

KTECH is offering Mechatronics students certification training in Tape & Rule Measurement, Slide Caliper Measurement, Micrometer Measurement, Torque Applications & Procedures, and Mechanical Torque. In the future, KTECH plans to offer these certifications outside of Mechatronics, including to high school students.

“We are always looking for new tools for our students, literally and figuratively,” Kids to Love Founder and CEO Lee Marshall said. “Bill Roark showed us the opportunity to provide Snap-on tool certifications, and we jumped on it immediately. Our students will be certified on some of the highest-quality tools that professionals use, and we are thankful that Torch Technologies shares our vision for giving students more skills that put them above other candidates in the job market.”

For Snap-on Hand Tool Identification and Safety Certification, students learn about hand tools and get hands-on training about the proper usage for those tools in many careers, including automotive, manufacturing, and building maintenance. KTECH plans to offer additional Snap-on certifications in the future.

Since its inception in 2016, KTECH has issued 317 certifications in job disciplines including Mechatronics, Robotics, Soldering, and Virtual Reality.

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