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Ken Rivenbark, LLC Educational Scholarship for KTECH Awarded


The first annual Ken Rivenbark, LLC Educational Scholarship for KTECH was awarded to Alec Mendoza. Alec applied, interviewed, and was accepted into KTECH’s upcoming Fall Class 15.

“I’m excited, this is a great opportunity,” Alec said, as he was presented with the scholarship.

Alec works for Ken in his antique gallery. His work ethic and can-do attitude has been a blessing to Ken and his business. When Ken learned about KTECH, he thought it would be a perfect opportunity for Alec. “It’s not just making a donation, it’s changing a life.”

KTECH is a workforce training initiative of the Kids to Love Foundation, offering five industry certifications for today’s high demand workforce. This hands-on, one-on-one instruction will connect you to a career in the growing advanced manufacturing industry of: Mechatronics, Robotics, Soldering, Solid Edge, Virtual Reality, and Industry Vision Systems.

KTECH still has space for students in our fall class, and we encourage other business leaders to pay it forward like Ken is doing for Alec.

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Win-Win! Excellent training for the future.

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