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Extreme Makeover: Classroom Edition!

We’ve been busy making some unexpected but not unwelcome changes at KTECH!

KTECH Class 19 is our biggest class ever, with 9 students. Unfortunately, we did not have enough desks to accommodate everyone in the classroom. We had to find a solution fast.

The solution? Make more room!

We had our resident builder, Jeromy, knock out a wall that used to separate the front of the KTECH classroom and our old student lounge. We then flip-flopped the room orientation and made room for more desks and computers.

(Did we mention we also just got brand-new classroom computers, thanks to a grant from IronMountain Solutions? They’re great and were much needed!)

So, after a week and a day of demolition, painting, moving, unplugging, replugging, painting, drilling and hanging, we have a new bigger space for our students to learn.

Don’t ever let it be said that we won’t literally break down walls when it comes down to breaking barriers to education for people who want to make a change in their lives!

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